Natural Deodorant for Kids

Pick a deodorant for kids under 10

If you are a teenager, you may already be using a deodorant to ward away body odour. But if you are not even 10 years old, but still experiencing body odour, what will you do? No, you are not too young to start using deos. Puberty can come in as early as 7-8 years for girls and 9-10 years for boys, giving rise to odour issues. So you can start using a deo at whichever age you (and your mom) feel ready.

But wait, don’t just go and pick the first deo off the shelves. Most of them will smell great but are full of dangerous chemicals and toxins that can not only harm your sensitive young skin but cause long-lasting damage to your body. So spend some time reading through the list of ingredients at the back before you pick a deo for kids or teenagers. Names such as parabens, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol should trigger off the alarm bells! Used as a preservative, parabens can cause hormonal imbalance, lower the sperm count, and even lead to breast and skin cancer. Silicones can cause skin congestion, leading to skin irritation, acne and increased breakouts. Sulphates can cause skin irritation and canker sores. Moreover, they disrupt the skin’s natural oil balance, causing acne, and can even lead to eye damage. Used in deodorants to create a soft and sleek consistency, propylene glycol is a known skin irritant and can cause dermatitis and hives. Polyethylene glycols can cause irritation and toxicity on broken skin. Not to mention that they can make your skin dry and actually fasten the skin ageing process.

Natural Deodorant for Kids

So skim through the shelves to look for a chemical-free deodorant that will not only kill the odour-forming bacteria but also care for your young skin and body. And no, using an antiperspirant to stop the sweat is also not a good option as most brands on the shelf contain aluminium chloride or aluminium zirconium that are effective in eliminating sweat but are increasingly being linked to respiratory problems and increased risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Luckily, a number of organic deodorants are now available that are made using naturally-derived ingredients. One of these is the Super Smelly range of deos that uses ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil and witch hazel that are great at fighting odour-forming bacteria, and also have soothing and nourishing properties for your skin, making them one of the best natural deodorants around. The bonus is that Super Smelly deos are certified 100% toxin-free and have been specifically tested for the young skin of both boys and girls.

How to use deos?

Unlike perfumes, you don’t need to spray deos on pulse points like the wrists or behind your ears to enable the scent to last longer. And nor should you ever over-spray – it won’t help the scent to last longer but only expose you more to the harsh chemicals inside. Just spray a bit on areas where you sweat the most – your underarms, inner elbows, behind your knees, and even the spaces between your toes – a short, sharp spray from about halfway between your armpit and elbow is enough. If you’re using a deo stick, just apply 2-3 small strokes on the problem areas.

Natural Deodorant for KIds

Spray/rub on just when you’re out of a shower and haven’t started sweating, and never on your clothes – after all, you want to kill the bacteria on your skin, not your clothes. Also, try to pick a natural body deodorant that does not interfere with the fragrance of your other beauty products – if your body loves florals, you should look for floral-scented beauty products. If you love musky undertones, pick lip balms, face creams, moisturizers and deodorants with musky notes.

Do replenish your deo every 4 hours or so as odour-causing bacteria starts forming the minute you start sweating. Go to a washroom, clean out your problem areas with water or wet wipes and re-apply – pocket-friendly organic deodorant sticks and roll-ons work great. If you’re a heavy ‘sweater’, it becomes even more important to use a chemical-free deodorant that you can easily re-apply at shorter intervals without the fear of side effects, such as the Super Smelly range of organic deodorants.

So choose wisely – pick a safe deodorant that you can wear to a party, at school, or to an outing with friends that not only lifts your mood and sets the tone for the day but protects you and your skin from harmful chemicals and toxins while on the go.

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