Super Smelly - Zero Toxin and Natural Go Glow Face Pack, with Aloe Vera, Activated Charcoal, Multani Clay, Argan Oil - 70 g

  • A smooth amalgam of naturally derived Activated Charcoal, Coffee Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Dead Sea salt, Kaolin, Multani, Green, bentonite Clay/volcanic ash, Argan, Olive, Peach and Apricot Oil for a bright, glowing face.
  • Contains no toxins and is safe to use. You heard it right; NO parabens, triclosan, propylene gycol, phthalates, hydroquinone or mercury, artificial colours or fragrances.
  • Certified ‘Made Safe’, ‘Zero Toxin Free’ and ‘Vegan’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia. And Australian Allergy Certified!
  • Carefully formulated, dermatologically and clinically tested for safety, specifically for GenZ.
  • Never been tested on poor, helpless animals and never will be!
  • Rs. 599.00
  • Rs. 599.00

Loaded with the zap to brighten up skin, the Go Glow Zero Toxin Face Pack is a dirt magnet and a pore cleanser that fuses age old and newly researched magic ingredients. Wipe away the after effects of dust and pollution and bring back that glow with this pack that celebrates the unique combination of activated charcoal and coffee seeds to leave your skin fresh and glowing and how! What’s even better, it’s specially formulated for sensitive skin, and contains no toxic gunk, making it safe to use. Honestly, if you want that face to light up the room, here’s some face magic in a jar. Go big with Go Glow or go home!


Activated Charcoal:

Acts like a magnet for dirt, oil and other impurities and helps the skin get rid of excess oils and toxins hidden in the pores, while its slightly gritty texture provides a much-needed gentle exfoliation

Aloe Vera:

Fights the damaging effects of pollution, UV rays and acne on the skin, while deeply moisturising skin without leaving it greasy

Cocoa Powder:

Helps lighten, brighten and clear skin, and highly effective in reversing sun damage and reducing tan

Bentonite Clay or Volcanic Ash:

Heals heal acne; unclogs pores; sucks out toxins; exfoliates, softens and brightens skin; helps regenerate skin tissues; prevents blackheads

Kaolin Mud:

Mildly cleanses, absorbing impurities from the skin, leaving it soft

Argan, Olive, Peach and Apricot Oil:

Moisturise and nourish the skin

Multani Clay:

Evens out skin tone and brightens complexion

Coffee Seeds:

Increase blood circulation and help reduce puffiness

Green Clay:

Removes impurities, tones, exfoliates dead skin cells and reduces inflammation.

Dead Sea Salt:

Helps strengthen skin tissue, improve blood circulation, eliminates toxins and balances the skin’s natural pH level

Who can use it?

   Anyone above 7 years

   Suits all skin types

Note: All products must be first used on a small patch of skin to rule out any allergies.

How To Use

Step 1:

Apply a layer of the mask all over the face with a brush or fingers

Step 2:

Keep it to dry for 10-15 minutes

Step 3:

Wash it off with cold water slowly with a circular motion of the hands

Step 4:

Enjoy the glow!


Nothing bad touches you!

Contains NO parabens, triclosan, propylene glycol, phthalates, hydroquinone or mercury, polyethylene glycol and other toxic gunk


Vegan and never been tested on poor, helpless animals and never will be!

Made with Care

Carefully formulated, dermatologically and clinically tested for safety, specifically for GenZ


This little ritual is just as important as applying the mask itself. Clear and cleanse your skin thoroughly of all make up, dirt and grime, paving a clear path for the face pack to act more effectively. The nourishing ingredients in the pack shall do the rest!

Some people prefer to apply a face pack at night before going to bed, while some people prefer to start their day with it. And then there are those who prefer a pampering regime over the weekend. There is not right or wrong time to apply a Super Smelly face pack. Just ensure that your skin is cleansed well before application.

Yes, and we’ll tell you why. If most water-based skincare and grooming products are made without preservatives, there is a strong chance of contamination and breeding of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. However, know that we do NOT use harmful preservatives like parabens, methylisothiazolinone, propylene, disodium, tetrasodium EDTA, butylene glycols, etc. SUPER SMELLY products contain ONLY natural preservatives, which for most parts are food grade.

You can use your face pack up till 24 months from the date of manufacture. Though why would you wait that long to allow your skin to benefit from the wonderful naturally-derived ingredients in your packs? Come on, don’t be lazy and stick to a regular face pampering regime!

Of course he can! Super Smelly products can be used by anybody above the age of 7 years. The natural ingredients that constitute our awesome personal care products benefit both boys and girls, men and women equally.

We begin our formulations keeping the negative list of toxic ingredients in mind. After identifying the ingredients for a formulation, each ingredient is then scrutinized by Safe Cosmetics Australia (SCA). Post their approval we send our products to an independent French laboratory governed by international regulatory standards, where a panel of esteemed dermatologists clinically test our products for toxicity, ph balance and non-irritants. It is only after this stringent process that we pass the ingredients and formulations for manufacturing.

All Super Smelly products are clinically and dermatologically tested for irritation and allergies. However, since everyone has different skin types, ideally it is best to test the product on a patch of skin first before applying elsewhere.

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