Super Smelly - Zero Toxin Free and Natural Strawberry Smoothie with Shea Butter, Oilve Oil, Natural Vitamin E - 10 g

  • A buttery and nourishing concoction of natural Shea, Cacao and Mango Seed Butter; infused with the goodness of Olive and Carrot Seed Oil, and a powerful and effective blend of natural beeswax and vitamin E. Add to that a subtle strawberry flavour and a soft rosy tint.
  • Contains no toxins and is safe to use. You heard it right; NO parabens, petrolatum, BHA/BHT, oxybenzone, phthalates, lanolin, polyethylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, silicones, artificial colours or fragrances.
  • Certified ‘Made Safe’ and ‘100% Toxin Free’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia. And Australian Allergy Certified!
  • Carefully formulated and dermatologically and clinically tested for safety, specifically for GenZ.
  • Never been tested on poor, helpless animals and never will be!
  • Rs. 399.00
  • Rs. 399.00

Who said butter makes you fat? Considering the melange of natural butters in this little power-packed tube of Zero Toxin Strawberry Smoothie Hydrating Natural Lip Balm, there’s nothing but good to be had because your lips will never see a dry day in their life. With super rich and nourishing ingredients like Shea, Mango Seed and Cocoa Seed butter, and natural oils, your lips stay hydrated, healthy and protected from the cold and sun. This smooth operator even leaves behind a subtle shade of natural pink and a light strawberry flavour. So pucker up baby!


Shea Butter:

Protects lips from cold and dry weather, hydrates and maintains skin elasticity because of its high vitamin F content

Mango Seed Butter:

Contains higher concentration of nutrients like vitamin A and C and heals and protects

Cocoa Seed Butter::

Adds a protective layer of hydration against very cold temperatures, sun damage and indoor heat

Olive Oil:

Conditions and protects lips from chapping

Carrot Seed Oil:

Offers a natural SPF of 35-40 against the sun’s rays

Natural Vitamin E:

Helps restore damaged skin cells, maintain a natural glow and cleanse and condition while hydrating

Natural Beeswax:

Contains natural emulsifier that helps retain moisture, especially useful for dry and chapped lips

Who can use it?

   Anyone above 7 years

Note: All products must be first used on a small patch of skin to rule out any allergies.

How To Use

Step 1:

Apply generously to lips to hydrate and heal

Step 2:

Disarm them with your killer smile


Nothing bad touches you!

Contains NO parabens, triclosan, propylene glycol, phthalates, hydroquinone or mercury, polyethylene glycol and other toxic gunk


Vegan and never been tested on poor, helpless animals and never will be!

Made with Care

Carefully formulated, dermatologically and clinically tested for safety, specifically for GenZ


SUPER SMELLY products contain ONLY natural preservatives, which for most parts are food grade.

You can use your lip balm up till 24 months from the date of manufacture. But why wait that long to enjoy the nourishing benefits of this natural buttery wonder when you could have glowing, healthy lips today? Give you lips that generous care which only you can!

Most definitely not! We kicked out harmful chemicals like petroleum, along with parabens, BHA/BHT, oxybenzone, phthalates, lanolin, polyethylene glycol, phenoxyethanol and silicones. So rest assured and smear away!

We begin our formulations keeping the negative list of toxic ingredients in mind. After identifying the ingredients for a formulation, each ingredient is then scrutinized by Safe Cosmetics Australia (SCA). Post their approval we send our products to an independent French laboratory governed by international regulatory standards, where a panel of esteemed dermatologists clinically test our products for toxicity, ph balance and non-irritants. It is only after this stringent process that we pass the ingredients and formulations for manufacturing.

All Super Smelly products are clinically and dermatologically tested for irritation and allergies. However, since everyone has different skin types, ideally it is best to test the product on a patch of skin first before applying elsewhere.

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